360° Virtual Tour To Giethoorn – The Enchanting Dutch Village With No Roads

If you ever thought that the small villages of fairy tales didn’t really exist then you are mistaken, because the small village of Giethoorn in The Netherlands is a fairy tale hamlet come to life.

The village is also known as the “Venice of the Netherlands” is a big tourist attraction. Be warned that Giethoorn is so enchanting that you’ll want to move there after one visit.

Giethoorn used to be a pedestrian precinct, but nowadays exceptions are made. In the old part of the village, there were no roads (though a cycling path was eventually added), and all transport was done by water over one of the many canals.

Honestly, we can’t imagine ourselves without a car or a bike to commute from one place to the other. But for Giethoorn all the people who live here cover their distances by walking on foot. If it is a longer route, then they are likely to take their whisper boat.

But the people in Giethoorn mostly walk on foot or if it happens to be a longer route, they take their whisper boat. Whisper boats, as the name suggests, are noiseless. Even when the boats are moving around the city, they don’t make much sound and as a result, little to no noise is created.

Ok now get ready to take a virtual tour of the island in spectacular 360° panorama.


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